3 Ways to Avoid a Cold at the Office


Image of a Cup of Hot Tea to avoid cold
In a 
recent article by Healthy Magazines, Dr. Joe Alton debunks some time-honored ways that we’ve thought would help us avoid catching a cold. In the article, Alton reveals that methods such as dressing warmly, taking antibiotics and vitamin C, keeping your head dry, not kissing, staying indoors, and wearing garlic or other herbs will actually not prevent you from catching a cold.

So, what does work? Alton suggests implementing the following three healthy habits into your daily routine to prevent colds this winter.

Regular and frequent hand washing.

This method is very effective because viruses won’t be transmitted as often throughout the day. Make sure to wash your hands after you’ve been typing on a computer or smartphone for a while and after you’ve been sitting at your desk.

Image: Avoid a cold with Soap from Method.


Drink green tea with lemon and honey.

By breathing the steam from the tea, you’re helping drain all the bad germs through the hair follicles in your nose. Lemon thins out mucus and honey acts as an antibacterial agent.

Image: Avoid a cold with green tea and honey.


Detox your space.

Make sure to actively clean countertops, desks, doorknobs, and bathrooms with disinfectant.


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