20 Must-Have Items to put on Your School Supplies List 

School will be here before we know it. If you work in education as a teacher or administrator, below you’ll find a list of 20 must-have school supplies for you to share with students. If you like any of the products listed, simply click on the image to start shopping that product. Not part of … Continued

10 Quotes From Successful Entrepreneurs

10 Quotes From Successful Entrepreneurs

While not all of us have hosted a popular television show or invented electricity, all of us are humans that make mistakes, get frustrated and want to give up from time to time. The ten quotes below from famous inventors, authors, and CEOs serve as a good reminder that through hard work and dedication, you too … Continued

5 Ways To Update Your Office and Increase Productivity

Improve Office Productivity

If your business has had the same office layout for a long time, it’s might be time to switch things up to inspire and motivate your team. Bring your office up to date with these 5 quick and simple tips. 1. Paint the Walls Changing your office’s wall color is a good first step to … Continued

How to Organize Your Office Space

Did you know that studies have shown that bosses favor a neat and organized person for promotion over their peers that are not as organized? Shae Lewis of Mission 2 Organize lets you in on her expert organizing tips in the video “How to Organize Your Office Space.” In the video, she encourages you to imagine your … Continued

The Ultimate Break Room Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

If your workplace has a break room, we think you might find this guide quite useful. To help you keep your break room stocked, we put together “The Ultimate Break Room Guide.” This aims to help employers decide what items to have in stock to keep their employees happy when they need a break. This guide … Continued

We Train To Serve Our Customers

Our Customer Satisfaction Specialist Lyla Moody recently traveled to San Antonio, TX for a training with Essendant to learn more about our vast product selection. Read about her experience below.   Wow! I had a great time at my recent training and boot camp with Essendant, the company we use for everyday items for office break rooms, lavatories, … Continued

How to Create a Break Room Your Employees Will Love

how to create a break room that your employees will love

A simple way to improve employee happiness is to offer a thought out and well-stocked break room. In this blog post, we listed 10 ways to create a break room that your employees will love. 1. Offer Free Caffeine Need we say more? Love it or hate it, caffeine is the most popular way to … Continued

How to Organize Papers on Your Desk

papers organized

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the papers piled on your desk? Don’t worry– we can point you to a video that might save your life. Professional organizer Alejandra Costello has taught others how to organize and feel more productive on a daily basis for over 10 years. Her impressive insight and helpful tutorials have landed her … Continued

How To Choose The Right Label Maker [INFOGRAPHIC]

The right kind of label maker is essential to keep your office, storage room, warehouse, and or filing room organized. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to know which kind of unit works well for your company. The below infographic that summarizes what kind of label maker your company needs. Read our blog? We … Continued

What’s In Our Bag: Business Travel Edition

business travel

Do you do a lot of business travel for your job? If so, we’re sure that you have some items that you’ve come to depend on for your trips away from home. We’ve rounded up a list of products from our catalog that we believe are must-haves for the next time you travel for business. What’s inside our … Continued