How to Organize Papers on Your Desk

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the papers piled on your desk? Don’t worry– we can point you to a video that might save your life. Professional organizer Alejandra Costello has taught others how to organize and feel more productive on a daily basis for over 10 years. Her impressive insight and helpful tutorials have landed her appearances on networks like HGTV, CBS, and Women’s Day.

Alejandra explains how she keeps all the various papers on her desk organized in the video below.

How to Organize Papers on Your Desk

Impressive, right? The best part is that she only used 5 products to keep everything organized. Are you ready to get your papers in order?

5 Products to Organize Papers

Rubbermaid Two-Way Organizer, Five Sections

papers filer

Pendaflex Colored File Folders

Divide It Up File Folder

Pendaflex Poly Snap Envelope

DYMO LabelManager 160P

At AMO, we offer all of the supplies that Alejandra lists in her video. Shop these products by logging in or signing up for free! If you’re interested in ways to limit your paper usage in an effort to go green, check out what we’re doing at our office.

Have any other tips to keeping your desk organized? Leave a comment below.


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