Here’s Proof From Twitter That Buying Office Supplies is Actually Exciting

Here’s Proof From Twitter That Buying Office Supplies is Actually Exciting

Here you are reading a blog run by an office supplies company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. How’d you end up here? Maybe because despite the seemingly dull task of buying office supplies, you can’t ignore the inexplicably good feeling that overcomes you when new pens, staplers, snacks, and cleaning products arrive at your office. Buying employees new … Continued

How To Stay Active at the Office

How to stay active at the office

Feeling sluggish after your 9-5? We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ve provided some tips that will help you stay active and energized throughout the workday. We created the below infographic with five simple tips to help you stay active at the office. This brightly colored visual guide encourages you to consider the way you … Continued

10 Unbelievable Works of Art Made With Office Supplies

While most of us see office supplies as a means for productivity, these 10 artists have used them as tools to produce incredible works of art. We hope you enjoy this list! Pietro D’Angelo, Paperclips Pietro D’Angelo takes 2-3 months to compose his life-size figures that require 10,000 – 12,000 paper clips. Although the artist now uses … Continued

4 Quick Tips For Buying Your Next Printer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Image: 4 Quick Tips For Buying Your Next Printer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even though you might want to purchase your next printer in a rush, blindly choosing one without doing some research first isn’t worth it. With endless printing options to choose from, it would be understandable if you bought the first one you saw! We created the below infographic that has 4 quick tips to consider when buying your … Continued

20 Tools Every Veteran Architect Has Used

Image of 20 Tools Every Veteran Architect Has Used

If you’ve been or known a long-time architect, we hope that you appreciate this list of 20 tools from our catalog that will be sure to bring back some fond (or not so fond) memories from before the days of computer technology. While the profession can still use the tools and office supplies listed below, … Continued

O’Reilly Office Supply in 1958

Image of O'Reilly Office Supply

A Brief History of O’Reilly Office Supply Our history begins in 1923 as O’Reilly Office Supply Company. In 1978, two more O’Reilly’s joined the company and in 2002, we became AMO Office Supply.Until the 1990’s, we operated out of a retail space. Since then, we transitioned to a multimillion dollar online company with thousands of … Continued

10 Useful Life Hacks Using Office Supplies

Who doesn’t like life hacks? We’ve rounded up 10 cheap, quick and easy shortcuts that you can implement in your personal and work life using our favorite thing…. office supplies! Office Supplies Life Hack #1 Office Supplies Life Hack #2 Office Supplies Life Hack #3 Office Supplies Life Hack #4 Office Supplies Life Hack #5 Office … Continued

15 Must-Have Office Supplies for Lawyers

12 must-have office supplies for lawyers

If you have your own law office or work as an office manager for one, you know that your office organizational needs are different than most. From dictation supplies to courtroom carts, lawyers and law-office managers need specialized equipment and office supplies to keep organized and impress their current and prospective clients. Here are fifteen must-have office supplies that lawyers … Continued

12 Office Products You Didn’t Know Were Eco-Friendly

At AMO, we’ve committed ourselves to limiting our impact on the environment with eco office products. According to Recycle Across America, recycling is the top action that society can do to improve the environment, the economy, sustainable manufacturing and to prevent waste from going into oceans.  Since offices require everything from staplers to coffee cups … Continued

3 Ways to Avoid a Cold at the Office

Image of a Cup of Hot Tea to avoid cold

  In a recent article by Healthy Magazines, Dr. Joe Alton debunks some time-honored ways that we’ve thought would help us avoid catching a cold. In the article, Alton reveals that methods such as dressing warmly, taking antibiotics and vitamin C, keeping your head dry, not kissing, staying indoors, and wearing garlic or other herbs will actually not … Continued